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Professional Heifer Development - “Striving for perfection”
Our heifer development program is designed to allow heifers to reach their full genetic potential. This will allow you a much clearer picture as to the quality of your replacement in your herd. We as ranchers have traditionally made our primary selections for replacements visually after they are weaned off the cow. We still think visual selection is a primary tool, but given the ability to make your selection after the dust settles can have a greater impact on efficiency, fertility and a deeper cut for quality. This also allows for correct bone and skeletal structure development which will greatly diminish calving difficulty.
Our program is a minimum of 180 days. The first 90 days is the development period followed by a 45 day breeding period and a 45 day post breeding period.
Two weeks after arrival of the cattle we will perform a breeding soundness exam. This exam will include a breeding soundness check, reproductive tract score, pelvic measurement, BVD test and individual weights. This is also the time to booster pre-breeding vaccinations. The breeding soundness exam will identify any problem cattle thus saving you money by being able to get rid of the culls before putting any more expense in them.

We use the 14 day CIDR protocol. A CIDR will be put in 30 days ahead of the breeding date and left in for 14 days. We will then pull the CIDR and wait 16 days and give a shot of prostaglandin and begin heat detection. After first service AI we will monitor the heifers for any repeat heats and breed second and third service. We can also tailor a 30 day breeding program as well. After the last heifer is bred we will wait 45 days and then perform a pregnancy check. The heifers will then be ready to return back home.
We do offer a limited amount of grass each year to turn out on if you need extra time before bringing the heifers back home. They will be cared for by the same staff and with the same care whether in our yard or out on grass.

Replacement Heifer Procurement - “Finding the right one”
If you are in need of finding high quality replacement heifers for your program, we can help. We have an extensive list of contacts throughout the country for just about every breed and type of cattle that you might want. Whether you have a terminal breeding program and have to buy all your replacements every year or you want to grow or improve your herd, we can save you the hassle of finding the good ones.

Bred Female Marketing – “In high demand”
We have extensive experience in marketing bred females. Whether it is 10 hd. or 1,000 hd. we can help find serious buyers that pay for quality genetics.

Calf Crop Marketing - “Maximizing the return on investment of your genetics”
How do I get paid for investing more in top notch genetics? The answer is simple, planning and marketing. By sitting down with you and creating a plan we can then develop the right strategy for marketing your calves. A successful plan is often implemented well before the day of delivery. We will buy several calf crops each year for operations that value good quality cattle and that share feeding information with you so you can make better and more informed management decisions in your operation.

Herd Bull Procurement - “Less is more”
One of the big advantages of our heifer development program is not having to worry about purchasing heifer bulls that are in high demand therefore making them on average more costly than you herd bulls. By eliminating having to purchase heifer bulls you can narrow your focus to purchasing herd bulls for your cow herd and have more budget to get that accomplished. During our program we will sit down with you and tailor a plan that fits your needs for improving your herd with the right sire selection.

Custom Calf Weaning - “Start them right”
Our custom calf weaning program was developed for producers that needed a place to wean their heifer calves and then let us do a pre-breeding exam before selecting their replacements. We have since expanded to include entire calf crops so that steers may be backgrounded to maximize marketing opportunities through weaned calf sales or value added programs. This also offers benefits during times of drought or feed shortage at your ranch. We work very closely with our vet and animal health professionals to insure our health protocols are the very best. Attention to detail and our highly qualified staff insure exceptional results. This gives buyers the confidence they desire in the health and condition of your cattle that they are purchasing entering into their program.


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