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How many heifers do I have to have?
Our pen sizes can accommodate groups of 35 hd. or more.

Why do the heifers need to be there 90 days ahead of breeding?
Studies have shown that this period of development can affect the heifer for the rest of her life. This stage of development can have long term impacts on fertility which directly relates to longevity in your herd. We feel nutritional management during this phase is the most CRITICAL stage in a young heifers life and can determine whether or not she becomes a productive producer in your program. Our experience has shown that a shortcut during this phase will result in subpar conception rates and skeletal development.

What do you feed?
Our ration is a high roughage limit fed ration. It consists of irrigated grass hay, corn silage, corn and mineral supplement. We sample our ration every week to insure it is of the highest quality. We have a consulting nutritionist that works with us in formulating our ration.

What is a BVD Test?
We test all incoming cattle for BVD as part of our program. BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhea) is a viral disease in cattle that can cause many problems in a herd. In most herds infertility is the most common and costly problem because it can go undiagnosed. Other problems caused by BVD include pneumonia, abortions, still births, early embryonic death loss, weak or deformed calves and immunosuppressant. By verifying the status of the heifer, this lets us take one more variable out of the equation that can negatively affect health and conception rates.

How do you synchronize the heifers?
We use the 14 day CIDR protocol. We will put a CIDR in 30 days ahead of breeding and leave it in for 14 days. We will then pull the CIDR and wait 16 days then give a shot of prostaglandin and begin heat detection.

What are the options for the open heifers at the end of the program?
Open heifers at the end of our breeding program can provide a good return as well as valuable data. The ability to market heifers at this age as feeders will add more to the bottom line instead of in the fall when they are older and have less value. We have several different options with feeders from grass fed beef programs to feedyards that can provide you with valuable carcass data to incorporate back into your herd.

Where are you located?
We are located 3 miles north of Desdemona, TX on highway 16 (North Central Texas) or 12 miles south of I-20, about half way between FT. Worth and Abilene Texas.


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