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Professional Heifer Development
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Our Facility

We don’t think you will find a better commercial breeding facility anywhere in the country.

Our facility is designed specifically to develop and breed heifers. Our unique pen design facilitates ease of cattle movement and allows for low stress handling. We believe our pen design is superior to anything else available in the industry as far as heifer development is concerned. Our experience over the years working in several different facilities allowed us to incorporate together the ones we felt worked really well. That knowledge and research led us to a design that allows cattle to be handled and sorted at a walk consequently requiring minimal labor. Each pen has dedicated water source, minimum of 2 feet of bunk space per head and a generous 300 square feet per head capacity which is well above industry standards.

Our processing/breeding facility was designed with the same low stress handling characteristics as our pens. Within our industry, there has been a tremendous amount of research done in the areas of cattle handling and we have incorporated this technology into our system. Cattle feed through our system on their own without having to be stressed which improves conception rates and longevity of that female within your cow herd.

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